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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Reviews

Santa Fe Dehumidifier Reviews

A Santa Fe Dehumidifier is a perfect solution to reduce the humidity and eliminate musty odor from your home or office. These dehumidifiers are one of the best both for commercial and residential spaces and can stand rough situations. You can install them in basements or crawl spaces of your home or office. Santa Fe dehumidifiers are one of the most energy saving dehumidifiers and known for their star quality. They can remove 100 pints of moisture from the atmosphere and come with a number of installation options such as a ducted or standalone operation. A Santa Fe Dehumidifier is made by Madison, Wisconsin-based Therma Stor in the USA.

Santa Fe dehumidifiers come in many models, you can choose from portable compact dehumidifiers that are perfect for crawl spaces or standalone dehumidifiers that are ideal for large basements. Every model of Santa Fe dehumidifiers is equipped with latest gravity drain system and moisture removal technology that is highly efficient. You will also get a huge range of accessories with which you can to fit each unit as per your need. Accessories like ducting equipment, pumps remote humidity monitors, upgraded air filters, noise muffling kits etc. Here are some of the best available Santa Fe dehumidifiers for you.

Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier

Santa Fe DehumidifierThe Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier is perfect for the home. It has ranked number one for the most energy efficient dehumidifiers in the market. Made from America, these dehumidifiers are known to eliminate the humidity from crawl spaces and large basements. Santa Fe classic dehumidifiers can remove at least 110 pints moisture under 80 degrees F at 60% RH. It can also remove 220 pints of saturation. It is perfect for large spaces and dehumidifies more than 2,500 square feet spaces. You can operate this dehumidifier in 56 degrees low temperature. You can use this model of Santa Fe dehumidifier’s upto 3000 sq.ft of the area. It has 3L/kWh energy factor thus it can save you more money on energy. It has 36-inch height, depth 17 inch with a 20-inch width. It weighs around 110lbs and has drain hose.  These dehumidifiers can be customized and integrated into ductwork.

Santa Fe Compact 2 Dehumidifier – Crawl Space

The Santa Fe Compact 2 Dehumidifier is made for small space.  It has flow through design and horizontal configuration that removes moisture tight basement and crawl spaces. Under the Santa Fe Dehumidifiersconditions of AHAM (80 degrees Fat 60% of humidity), it can reduce 70 pints of humidity. They are perfect up to 1,800 square feet. These customizable dehumidifiers can be operated as standalone dehumidifiers and plug-in into 115-volt outlet. You can customize this dehumidifier as per your need. You can also add a ducting kit, condensate pump, casters, a remote humidistat, and other accessories. It has superior air filtration and low-temperature operation.

  • Very Powerful and Super Compact
  • 70 Pints Every Day
  • 1,600 sq ft max
  • Energy Star

Sante Fe Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Advance 2 Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Dehumidifier ReviewsThis is also made from the USA and perfect for  the Santa Fe Advance 2 Dehumidifier. It has a compact size that helps to reduce 90 pints moisture from the tight basement and large spaces and low area up to 3,400 square feet.  It works under the AHAM condition of 80 degrees F at 60% relative humidity. It can remove 180 pints of moisture from saturated situations that make it perfect for the damp atmosphere. You get many options for installation and can install in the basement or any room.

Santa Fe Max Dry Dual XT Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Max Dual XT Dehumidifier is the best solution for large basements at homes and crawls spaces in offices where an excess of moisture present. It eliminates the moisture from the large area under average humidity and reduces 155 pints of humidity per day. It can double it a removable capacity of moisture upto 310 pints of total saturation. It has innovative dual distribution and MERV-11 filtration that offer high-quality function. It can covers upto 3,400 square feet area and maintain 45 to 50 percent of relative humidity. These dehumidifiers are perfect for mild free, odor free storage spaces. It has three settings for humidity i.e. dry, normal, and humid  through which you can choose the best level for your storage.

Santa Fe Force Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Force Dehumidifier also eliminates moisture from your basement or crawl spaces. This energy saver dehumidifier can reduce upto 120 pints of humidity per day. It has dual exhaust vents through which it distributes air more quickly and effectively. It gives your MERV-8 easy controls and you can operate it at low temperature and MERV-8 air filtration.

Santa Fe Impact XT Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Impact XT is the perfect solution for large residential capacity. This dehumidifier is the most energy-efficient dehumidifier available in the market. It can eliminate at most 105 pints of moisture everyday day according to Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and at 4.9 amps this dehumidifier can save you up to 50%. Engineered for efficiency, high moisture removal, and ease of use, the Impact XT dehumidifies large crawl spaces and basements up to 2,500 sq ft.

Santa Fe Rx Dehumidifier

If you are looking for quiet, efficient and highly effective then the Santa Fe RX Dehumidifier is the perfect solution for you. It can customize to any housing and removes upto 74 pints of humidity per day and 148 pints of humidity at 100% relative humidity. This dehumidifier is highly efficient and ideal for living rooms, libraries, basements, offices, museums etc. You can upgrade it to HEPA, MERV-14 odor control and air filtration of activated carbon. It can dehumidify up to the area of 2,200 square feet.

To get the humidity out of your house, Santa Fe Dehumidifiers can make a huge difference. All models of Santa Fe Dehumidifiers are not just highly energy efficient but also help you to save more energy. They are affordable and can remove moisture from homes and offices. Dehumidifiers are best to keep moisture away from your home. You can easily maintain the moisture of your home, basement or any other place. Buying any of these Santa Fe Dehumidifiers will benefit you a lot.  So get any of these models now and keep your home or office less cordial to allergens such as mold, dust mites, and mildew.

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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Filters

Santa Fe Dehumidifier Filters

Haier Dehumidifier Reviews

Haier Dehumidifier Reviews – 32, 45, 65 and 70 Pint Dehumidifiers

Are you looking for a dehumidifier that works effectively and is long-lasting? A Haier Dehumidifier is a great choice.  They come in an assortment of different sizes to fit your needs and budget.  A Haier 32 Pint Dehumidifier, Haier 45 Pint Dehumidifier, Haier 65 Pint Dehumidifier and a Haier 70 Pint Dehumidifier. They are energy efficient, intelligently designed and the cool and easy way to make the air you breathe healthy. On the other hand, they offer a healthy atmosphere for your home with dehumidified environment free from molds, germs and other harmful particles. In addition, they are economical and well-built.

It is noteworthy at this point that Haier is one of the largest and leading appliance manufacturers in the world and their products are extremely popular among customers in over 100 countries of the world. Dehumidifiers from Haier are also adjudged the BEST BUY for consumers by a number of the consumer reports.

Nevertheless, one thing is imperative if you are thinking of buying a Haier Dehumidifier. You should not install them in places where you might be working or sleeping for the reason that the noise level is too loud. Garages or basements are the best places to install a Haier dehumidifier.

Top 4 Best Haier Dehumidifiers

Haier 45 Pint Dehumidifier – DE45EM

This Haier 45 Pint Dehumidifier keeps your indoor living surrounding in top shape and controls excess moisture in the home and is the most popular size according to Amazon. Getting rid of 45 pints of damaging moisture from air in a single day, it is a good choice for average damp conditions. On the other hand, this dehumidifier keeps the moisture in your home to a minimum, which reduce conditions that can lead to health problems. The 45 Pint Dehumidifier is effective, portable and easy to use with low maintenance. It comes with amazing features that make it stand from the crowd.

Haier DehumidifierFeatures of DE45EM Haier Dehumidifier

  • Automatic Restart – Ensures that your settings are saved
  • Easy-roll Casters – Used for moving the unit easily
  • 24-hour On and Off Timer
  • Automatic Front – Prevents buildup of frost
  • Smart Dry – Automatically regulates the fan speed, based on the temperature of the room
  • Large front bucket with handle
  • Electronic controls with digital display
  • Bucket-full Indicator Light with easy to hear alarm
  • Direct Drainage – Makes use of standard hose (hose not added)
  • 6 ft. Power Cord with A/5-15P type of plug

haier dehumidifier reviews


Haier 65 Pint Dehumidifier – DE65EM

The 65-Pint Energy Star DE65EM Haier Dehumidifier is the best option for above average humidity conditions. It removes 65 pints of destructive moisture from the air in every 24 hours. The smart-dry system and humidistat work more accurately and it also generates hot air from its vent while functioning— this is an excellent thing, provided that your basement is cool. The noise level is perfect in garage and basements. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to put into practice in a residential space.

This particular Haier Dehumidifier unit stops automatically as soon as the bucket is full. On the other hand, it comes with a drain located at the back of the unit so that you can attach a standard garden hose to incessantly drain the unit into a floor drain.

haier dehumidifier 45 pintFeatures

  • Electronic controls with Digital display
  • Smart Dry – Used for adjusting the speed of the fan automatically according to your preferred settings and current room conditions
  • 24-hour timer
  • Bucket-full Indicator Light, a Big frontage bucket with handle (makes emptying the unit fast and easy) and Perceptible Alarm
  • Standard Garden Hose – Makes direct drainage possible
  • Easy-roll Casters – for easy transportation from one location to another

haier dehumidifier manual


Haier 32 Pint Dehumidifier

The 32-Pint Haier Dehumidifier is a handy and quiet home unit features 2-fan speeds to expedite the process of dehumidification as well as a stress-free-to-use drainage connection system. Haier 32-Pint mechanical dehumidifier gets rid of surplus moisture from your living environment in an economical and efficient manner.

Haier Dehumidifier 32 PintThe lightweight cabinet and uncomplicated roll casters make this dehumidifier a breeze to handle and totally portable. It is perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and more. Furthermore, it is user-friendly with its manual controls and there are no devices or gizmos that will put you in confusion. Just turn the unit on and adjust the dial to get the dehumidifying you require.

Once the alarm signifies that the water bucket is full, clean and replace the filter if required and also empty the water bucket. There is virtually little maintenance needed as the auto defrosts prevent frost build up.


  • Uncomplicated Drain Connect – Used for stress-free setup of direct drainage
  • 3 Fan Speeds and 10 Humidity Levels
  • Big Capacity Bucket – Controls too much humidity in your home

haier dehumidifier 65 pint


Haier 70 Pint Dehumidifier Reviews – HM70EP Estar  

The 70-Pint Haier Dehumidifier reduces challenging humidity and guides your home from horrible musty odors, allergy-activating mold and moisture damage. This Energy Star-qualified Haier Dehumidifier removes 70 pints of surplus moisture each day and also planned to treat spaces from 400 – 3,000 square Haier Dehumidifiersfeet. It comes with amazing features that literally removes the guesswork of maintaining your perfect humidity level.


  • A Threaded External Drain Hose Connection – This will ensure easy external drainage
  • Auto Defrost Control – For safe and easy operation
  • 2-Fan Speeds
  • Washableair Filter – Saves cost on replacements
  • Electronic Controls with Soft Touch Control Panel – Makes the unit easy to operate
  • A Digital Humidistat Control
  • External Drain Hose Connector – Gets rid of the hassle of emptying
  • The Automatic shutoff turns the dehumidifier off, when the bucket is full to stop overflow.

dehumidifier haier


Summary/Final Verdict

A Haier Dehumidifier is the perfect choice for you if all you need are dehumidifiers that are durable, affordable and efficient. They are well-built, conserve power and offer your home the healthy atmosphere you are looking for. In addition, Haier Dehumidifiers will make the surroundings of your home free from molds, germs and other harmful particles.

Dehumidifiers manufactured by Haier Company are reported to be the BEST BUY for consumers by many of the available reports.

While it is worthy to consider any of the above top Haier Dehumidifiers as a result of their excellent and second to none features, there is one important thing you should bear in mind when buying a Haier Dehumidifier. Make sure you don’t install your unit in places where you may be working or sleeping because the noise level is too loud. The best places to install your unit is either in a garage or basement.

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Humidifier vs Dehumidifier

The Difference between Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

Relative humidity (RH) is calculated based on the percentage of water vapor available in the air.  Experts say 30 to 50 percent is suggested for optimal healthy living. This is particularly difficult conditions that are very extreme like the combination of dryness and heat in the desert or places with a lot of moisture. Humidifiers are utilized to expand the humidity level in the air and dehumidifiers decrease the level of humidity in the air. Hygrometers can be utilized when measuring the humidity of a specific spot to figure out if a humidifier or dehumidifier is needed.

Keeping up the correct measure of air moisture in your house is a fragile equalization. Too little or a lot of it can prompt obnoxious conditions or wellbeing issues, and can likewise bring about issues for the structure of your home itself. Luckily, a humidifier or dehumidifier can accomplish the right level of moisture, shielding your home and furniture from harm and making it a more open to living space. The inquiry is, which one is a good fit for you?

Both dehumidifiers and humidifiers have critical capacities for enhancing the air quality inside your home. Be that as it may, they serve inverse capacities. Figuring out which gadget will be most useful requires first surveying the present conditions in your home.


What is a humidifierAs per the clinic, the humidity in any home ought to in a perfect world fall somewhere around 30 and 50 percent. You can utilize an advanced humidity gage, also called a hygrometer, to gauge this, yet numerous humidifiers accompany an implicit screen. In case the humidity level is beneath the base imprint, then you likely need a humidifier, for example, the Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier.

This gadget can expand the humidity noticeable all around, consequently averting issues like nosebleeds, sinus migraines, sore throats and flaky skin. It’s particularly useful amid the winter months, and may likewise avert wood apparatuses, collectibles or musical instruments in your home from part or splitting.

It’s critical to recognize cool mist humidifiers and humidifiers (warm mist). If you consider that it’s hard to take in a sauna, you might need to decide on a cool mist humidifier. Then again, some incline toward warm mist humidifiers, which heat up the water to discharge a refined steam into the room. Nonetheless, these units have a tendency to require more continuous upkeep. Make a point to search for an item that guarantees calm operation in case you’re putting the unit in your room and clamor is a worry.

Some humidifiers contain parts that are treated with an antimicrobial operator. This frustrates development of mold, buildup and microbes, along these lines avoiding upsetting odors.


what is a dehumidifierAn excessive amount of moisture noticeable all around represents the ideal environment for mold, dust and tidy vermin development, which can intensify asthma, sensitivities and other respiratory intricacies. In case the humidity level in your home surpasses 50 percent, you ought to think about actualizing as a dehumidifier. Wet air that is gathered by this gadget ignores curls, and overabundance moisture is gathered. Therefore, the unit evacuates the humidity, transmitting dryer air once again into the room.

A dehumidifier can have a noteworthy effect in solace amid the sticky summer months, when humidity levels are normally higher.

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