GE ADEL50LR 50 Pint Basement Dehumidifier Review

GE Dehumidifier Reviews

The GE 50 Pint ADEL50LR Basement Dehumidifer is a great dehumidifier for people who need something to run consistently.

If you are someone who has humidity problems inside your home and need something to remove the moisture from the air, then this dehumidifier might be a very good solution.

GE Dehumidifier



Features – Benefits:

1. Automatic restart feature.
2. Automatic shut off feature.
3. Set a specific humidity level you wish to achieve, and get there quickly.
4. Energy Saving dehumidifier.
5. Built to last.

Product – Shipping Details:

1. Product dimensions: 20” x 13” x 15” / 46 pounds
2. Shipping weight: 46 pounds

Final Analysis:

The real benefit to this dehumidifier is its ability to restart. Unlike many other dehumidifiers on the market, if your power ever goes out, you have to go and manually restart it. This makes it a very good option for continuous use if that is needed. The dehumidifier will actually kick back on automatically if it ever encounters a problem with electricity outages.

The downside to the dehumidifier is that it does not have a pump on it like some other dehumidifiers do. This means that if you intend on using the GE 50 Pint ADEL50LR dehumidifier without manually attaching a pump to it, you will have to deal with gravity in order to drain the water continuously into a drain or out a window.

My recommendation is that if you wish to use this permanently, you either keep it at a higher level than a window or run the hose using gravity to properly drain, or if that is not a good option, you manually drain it as needed. It has a fairly large capacity tank on it and therefore it should not have to be drained too often if the humidity is kept under control.

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GE 50 Pint Dehumidifier