Whynter RPD-651W Portable Air Dehumidifier Review

Do you have allergy problems? Are you tired of getting into a bed that feels damp? Do you have mold problems in your home? Are you working on a project where paint, mud, or plaster will not dry?
Whynter RPD-651W
Then you may have humidity problems in your home. This is not an uncommon problem for many people who live in relatively wet climates. The Whynter RPD-651W Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier is possibly a good solution for your problem.

Features – Benefits:

  1. Very large capacity – 65 pint holding tank.
  2. 21 pint removable water bucket.
  3. Automatic restart feature.
  4. Automatic shut-off feature.
  5. Able to adjust the humidity you wish to have in the area – 35% to 85%.
  6.  Auto-defrosting function – suitable for cooler climates.


Product – Shipping Details:

  1. Product Dimensions: 14.3” x 15.5” x 23.8” / 43 pounds.
  2. Shipping weight: 47.8 pounds.

Final Analysis:

This dehumidifier is actually one of the newer dehumidifiers on the market. What I think is most impressive with the Whynter RPD-651W portable dehumidifier is its ability to restart. There are numerous dehumidifiers where you can set a timer that will only last 24 hours, but then it must be reset again if you ever want it to turn back on.

The great feature about this is that you can set your ideal humidity level and the dehumidifier will turn on as needed and turn off when it reaches your preference in humidity level.

The only downside to the Whynter RPD-651W Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier is that it really does not have much history to it. We do not know whether the dehumidifier is built to last or not. With that said, we believe this dehumidifier is built to last and will probably be sufficient or comparable to other dehumidifiers on the market in terms of its lifespan.

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